Waterfield’s Septic Elimination Initiative

Our industry is intimately tied to the health of our environment. Water is the essence of life, a precious resource that we cherish and care for with the utmost respect. At Waterfield Utilities, we take great pride in being good stewards of water and the environment.

There are tens of thousands of individual onsite septic systems throughout the state of Indiana that are failing, illegal or have been cited as failed. These systems present a public health and environmental hazard as they often discharge untreated wastewater directly into waterways and can contaminate nearby wells.
  • Septic systems are only a temporary solution
  • Septic systems can last 30-40 years if properly maintained
  • Discharging pollutants and contaminants into the Earth is an antiquated notion
  • The presence of a septic system may detract from the resale ability of your home

We may be located in the Midwest, but our environmental impact goes all the way to the world’s oceans.

From the smallest ditch or creek leading to our many rivers, our watersheds have a tremendous effect on global water bodies. Our streams and tributaries in Northeast Indiana are integrated into two major watersheds, including our nation’s largest freshwater system, the Great Lakes. The other being the Mississippi watershed, whose final destination is the Gulf of Mexico.

Septic Elimination Initiative

Waterfield will lead the way in septic elimination by providing private funding for all phases of the septic elimination project process. From community communications through post construction service, long needed environmental stewardship initiatives can be solved without local funding or bonds. By partnering with nearby municipalities to provide service to unincorporated areas, we can resolve these issues quickly. Our extensive experience in the management of septic elimination projects provides you with a more streamlined and cost effective process.

Challenges with Public Septic Elimination

Septic Elimination Projects can be extremely costly, both in time and capital. The long term benefits of septic elimination for the customer, municipality and the environment are all very clear. However, there are many steps involved. All of which require time and money that many communities often cannot afford.

How Waterfield Can Help

Waterfield Utilities provides the financing and management expertise to offer turn-key septic elimination solutions by establishing a private utility within the septic elimination service area. Interlocal agreements are then established between Waterfield Utilities and the neighboring municipalities to provide service to Waterfield’s customers.

If your community is facing a challenge with failing septic systems. Contact our team to discuss partnering with Waterfield for your Septic Elimination Project.

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