Putting the pieces together – the Waterfield Way

Our Experience

Waterfield Utilities has a variety of invaluable experiences in the industry through corporate leadership officers and staff. With ownership in a local management-consulting firm, BCS Management, operations can be seamlessly transitioned to the Waterfield name. BCS Management is focused on project management and operational optimization of Indiana municipalities.

We bring forward thinking and modern services to the industry, with a wide range of skill sets

  • Operations budget assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Septic Elimination Projects
  • Working with local government, such as Regional Sewer Districts and Redevelopment Commissions
  • E-billing
  • Administration
  • Project management
  • Wastewater Systems Optimization

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, technical and creative skills and our ability to uniquely bring these skill sets together to create comprehensive solutions to the industry.

“We want to disrupt the ‘way things have always been done’ where it is beneficial to the communities we serve. Promoting environmental stewardship and creating cleaner water is at the root of all that we do.”
– Lana Beregszazi, CEO Waterfield Utilities

The Waterfield Way

Waterfield conducts business according to The Waterfield Way™, a time-honored cultural tradition we believe has been the foundation of our success.
“It is a culture of excellence. It is, in the end, about the economics of integrity, and the pure horsepower intrinsic to ethical business practice.”
– Richard R Waterfield, Chairman

It is this philosophy of doing business that we attribute almost 100 years of success. Since 1928, our concept is the same as it’s always been: put the customer first.

We are local

We are not an outside corporation. This is our home. Even as the Waterfield Legacy has grown into a vast global enterprise, the Waterfield family has called Northeast Indiana home since 1928. It is this community that we hold so dear that makes Waterfield Utilities strive to make it better.