The Benefits

of being a Waterfield Utility

  • Investing capital and revenue directly back into the systems and infrastructure that serve you.
  • Waterfield strives to make its communities better. In doing so, we bring you the best quality that technology and the market has to offer. Our companies have a common mission to make the world a better place.
  • We are not in the business of turning around for short-term profits. Waterfield’s investment timeframe is forever.

Challenges faced by a Municipality

Municipalities face a great challenge. Not only must they consider the utility’s budget, but multiple budgets encompassing all of their local government’s programs as well. Revenue generated from a public utility is not always reinvested back into operations and infrastructure, due to commitments to other programs and community needs.

We put the customer first

As a private company, our only focus is you, the customer. Across Waterfield’s vast enterprise of various businesses, one value has always been constant: put the customer first. The Waterfield Legacy has been built on over 90 years of customer-first ideology.

Service Guarantees

  • Proactive Maintenance & Upgrading

    Investing capital back into our systems and infrastructure, keeping systems in peak condition.

    We allocate a minimum of 5% of our initial asset investment into our annual operating budget for system improvements.

  • Workforce Retention

    We are not interested in taking jobs from the community. We know that the most valuable part of the utility is its people. We greatly value the experience of your operators and support staff.

    We have no defined exit plan, and tend to own companies for generations.

  • 24/7/365 Around the Clock

    Emergency service response for interruptions, water quality and collection issues.

    Quality Monitoring.

    Local and Secondary service teams scheduled geographically.